Steve’s coaching can change your life

What Steve does as a coach …

• Listens openly and actively in every conversation
• Asks powerful, direct questions
• Reflects back to you what he hears you saying
• Offers different perspectives and options
• Holds you accountable to your vision and goals
• Trusts you to make your own decisions
• Appreciates, endorses and supports you
• Requests that you take action or complete assignments

What Steve doesn’t do as a coach …

• Diagnose or treat anything
• Provide counseling or therapy
• Set the agenda for our conversations
• Solve your problems for you
• Do your work for you
• Try to fix you
• Judge you
• Give you “hard” advice (e.g. legal, financial, etc.)
• Take responsibility for your decisions, feelings or actions

What Steve asks of you as his client …

• Supply the agenda or topic of discussion for each session
• Be willing to tell the truth to me and to yourself
• Be willing to stretch yourself
• Call on time for the sessions
• Approach challenges as great opportunities for growth
• Let him know if something isn’t working for you in the partnership
• When he asks you to take some action or complete an assignment, feel free to accept the challenge, negotiate for what is right for you or decline.

Find out how you can experience coaching.

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About Steve

Steve enjoys helping people find their path in life.
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