How Steve became the coach

Steve DeVane

Steve DeVane

Twenty years as a journalist helped Steve DeVane learn how to ask powerful, direct questions. Now, he uses those skills as a coach, helping people live better lives.

Coaches make it easier for people to find out where they want to go in life and how best to get there. Coaching provides a framework that increases the chances that the person being coached is heading to where that person will be happiest while taking the easiest and most fun path to get there.

In many ways, Steve has been coaching for most of his life, helping friends and associates work their way through various issues and predicaments.
His coaching clients have included those in a wide variety of professions. If there’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be and if you’re willing to grow, Steve’s coaching can change your life.

He’ll help you take bigger, better and smarter actions.

He’ll help you have a balanced life that works well.

He’ll help you reach for more and not be consumed in the process.

He’ll help you make better decisions because your focus will be clearer.

He’ll help you have more energy by getting you on track and helping you stay there.

Steve was trained through Valwood Christian Leadership Coaching. He is the co-writer of “Making Shifts without Making Waves: A Coach Approach to Soulful Leadership.”

Find out how you can experience coaching.

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Steve’s coaching can change your life

What Steve does as a coach …

• Listens openly and actively in every conversation
• Asks powerful, direct questions
• Reflects back to you what he hears you saying
• Offers different perspectives and options
• Holds you accountable to your vision and goals
• Trusts you to make your own decisions
• Appreciates, endorses and supports you
• Requests that you take action or complete assignments

What Steve doesn’t do as a coach …

• Diagnose or treat anything
• Provide counseling or therapy
• Set the agenda for our conversations
• Solve your problems for you
• Do your work for you
• Try to fix you
• Judge you
• Give you “hard” advice (e.g. legal, financial, etc.)
• Take responsibility for your decisions, feelings or actions

What Steve asks of you as his client …

• Supply the agenda or topic of discussion for each session
• Be willing to tell the truth to me and to yourself
• Be willing to stretch yourself
• Call on time for the sessions
• Approach challenges as great opportunities for growth
• Let him know if something isn’t working for you in the partnership
• When he asks you to take some action or complete an assignment, feel free to accept the challenge, negotiate for what is right for you or decline.

Find out how you can experience coaching.

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Steve helped me work through challenges

Steve’s clients make positive steps forward. Consider these stories.

I had been perpetually frustrated by my inability to “get organized” and my propensity for staying stuck in the same old bad habits. Over the years I had searched in vain for just the right organizational system to get the job done. Steve helped me see that the answer was not in a commercial product but inside myself. By helping me to clarify problems and identify solutions and by challenging me to turn ideas into doable actions, I have made real progress, step by step, over the past few months. My colleagues are noticing the positive changes. Even more importantly, I am holding myself in much higher regard! I am getting things done and feeling more effective (and less stressed out) in my career than ever before. I’d recommend Steve’s services to anybody looking to make real changes.
Speech therapist, Raleigh, N.C.

Steve has helped me work through several challenges I am facing with some clear steps to follow for success.  He has asked good questions that have helped me explore my desired goals and options to achieve them.
Minister, Loveland, Colo.

I commend Steve DeVane to you.  He has been one of the top “go to people” on my list when I need to reflect and get centered. He brings an outstanding wholistic approach to his work.
Educator, Dunn, N.C.

Steve DeVane is officially described as a coach. I like to refer to him as a “maze man.” That is because the complicated issues of life are often like a maze. Steve, though, listens to me attentively and then asks the right questions to help me regain perspective and develop an action plan. To say I am healthier after one of our “maze man” sessions is an understatement.  I thank God for Steve!
Minister, Wake Forest, N.C.

Find out how you can experience coaching.

Contact Steve.

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