Steve Helps Me Work Through My Challenges

Steve’s clients make positive steps forward. Consider these stories.
I had been perpetually frustrated by my inability to “get organized” and my propensity for staying stuck in the same old bad habits. Over the years I had searched in vain for just the right organizational system to get the job done. Steve helped me see that the answer was not in a commercial product but inside myself. By helping me to clarify problems and identify solutions and by challenging me to turn ideas into doable actions, I have made real progress, step by step, over the past few months. My colleagues are noticing the positive changes. Even more importantly, I am holding myself in much higher regard! I am getting things done and feeling more effective (and less stressed out) in my career than ever before. I’d recommend Steve’s services to anybody looking to make real changes.

— Speech therapist, Raleigh, N.C.

Steve has helped me work through several challenges I am facing with some clear steps to follow for success.  He has asked good questions that have helped me explore my desired goals and options to achieve them.

— Minister, Loveland, Colo.

I commend Steve DeVane to you.  He has been one of the top “go to people” on my list when I need to reflect and get centered. He brings an outstanding wholistic approach to his work.

— Educator, Dunn, N.C.

Steve DeVane is officially described as a coach. I like to refer to him as a “maze man.” That is because the complicated issues of life are often like a maze. Steve, though, listens to me attentively and then asks the right questions to help me regain perspective and develop an action plan. To say I am healthier after one of our “maze man” sessions is an understatement.  I thank God for Steve!

— Minister, Wake Forest, N.C.

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